A two-part course, for converts and new Muslims only or those exploring Islam for the first time, detailing the correct method of observing the fast of Ramadan and the spiritual dimensions related to it.

“Oh you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may develop God-consciousness”

Is this your first time fasting?

Have you been a convert for some years but need a refresher?

New Beginnings are pleased to present this course specifically for converts and people new to Islam. It will cover the essentials and allow you to feel confident and prepared for Ramadan.

– Do’s & Don’t
– Spiritual dimensions
– Q&A

Taught by Shaykh Bilal Brown

Classes are taught in a welcoming environment so you can learn and grow without judgement or pressure. Classes are conducted via Zoom on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM UK-time on the 14th & 16th March 2023.

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