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It can be difficult to connect to a cause that doesn’t directly affect you but it could help a colleague or a neighbour curious about Islam and your friend that’s recently become Muslim.

New Beginnings UK is a registered charity
in England. (1195427)

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“Give out of what We have provided for you, before death comes to one of you and he says, ‘My Lord, if You would only delay me for a little while, I would give in charity and become one of the righteous.'”

Quran: 63:10

Please contact us to donate via bank transfer.

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You can assist us in raising crucial funds for New Beginnings by creating your own fundraising campaign using one of the two crowdfunding websites below, we greatly appreciate your support.


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• Yearly Eid parties for converts and their families • Welcome/Shahadah packs for converts • Regular free classes • Conversion certificates • Wellbeing and counselling • Technical equipment to provide our service • Spiritual retreats and trips • Fees for teachers and guest speakers • Administrative expenses

Ramadan Campaign

My 10 Nights campaign

Don’t miss the night that is better than a thousand months by automating your donation across the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Visit beginnings.org.uk/nights to attain rewards beyond measure!

Current Campaign

small change, big impact

In celebration of our third anniversary, we’ve launched the New Beginnings donor programme to help us continue to grow and support our community. By clicking the link below and agreeing to give just a minimum of £3 a month (70p per week), your small change could make a big difference.

1. Click here and sign up to our monthly donor programme
2. Donate a minimum of £3 each month to support our work (select GiftAid)
3. Share this message with family and friends.

Donate today and let’s support new Muslims together.

Ongoing Campaign

launchgood campaign

You can also donate via the Muslim-led crowdfunding platform, LaunchGood. Visit https://launchgood.com/NB to donate and support Muslim-led initiatives.


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Be a part of something big and enact positive change in people’s lives and souls.

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