make things easy and don’t make things difficult, give good tidings and don’t push people away.

– Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Source: Muslim, 1732; Al-Bukhari, 69


our story

New Beginnings was formed in 2020 and launched officially on the 1st of Ramadan 2020 (1441) after recognising the need to provide support, companionship and education for those that have adopted the religion of Islam after having no or a previous faith and those exploring Islam for the first time.

New Beginnings aims to create welcoming, non-judgemental environments and spaces that nurture a sound and authentic experience of Islam. We strive to meet these needs in a way that truly appreciates a person’s circumstances, whilst understanding the importance of preserving one’s individual and cultural identity.

what we do


mind, body, and soul New Beginnings retreatJoin us for our first-ever New Beginnings spiritual...

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Eid Online

Eid al-Fitr, the “Eid of breaking the fast” is a special time for Muslims to come together and...

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Ramadan 2022

"Oh you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that...

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our mission
& approach

The concern for converts to Islam is an area that has been much neglected for decades. The number of converts to Islam in the UK, and abroad, is growing exponentially, with two-thirds of them being women. Despite the noble efforts of a few small organisations, this need has not been fully met as of yet. We aim to fill the gap via a combination of innovative methods with a strong basis in the Islamic tradition and the way of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. People who convert to Islam generally have a whole myriad of needs. We aim to fulfil and serve the needs of those new and old to Islam in a holistic manner.

meet the people

Shaykh Bilal Brown

Managing Director
and Spiritual Advisor

Imran Rahim

Director of Education

Rumela Bandyopadhyay

Social Media and Events Manager

Sarah Ackroyd

Emotional Well-being Officer

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