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New Beginnings offers invaluable holistic support and guidance tailored for new Muslims, their families, long-term converts, and non-Muslims curious about exploring Islam.

We aim to establish welcoming, non-judgemental online and in-person spaces that foster an authentic and genuine experience of Islam.

becoming a

Once you believe that Islam and the Quran
are the truth, the only step is to declare
that belief by stating, “I bear witness that
there is none worthy of worship except
Allah and that Muhammad is the
Messenger of Allah.” This is called the
“Testification of Faith (shahadah)”…

certificate of
conversion (shahadah)

This will be issued only to those people who
take their shahadah and convert with us. Proof
of identity and address will be required as well
as a signature. If you cannot be present to
provide a signature, then we can post the
certificate to you…


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Firm Foundations Level 1

Firm Foundations is a free 10-week online course in order for converts, especially those who are new, or people exploring Islam for the first time, to learn the very fundamental aspects of Islam.

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Discovering Islam

Are you curious in knowing more about Islam and Muslim practices? Do you have a family member who recently converted to Islam? Do you have questions that you would like to ask Muslim scholars? If so, then this free course is for you!

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Umrah 2024

Join us for our second visit to the holy lands. Our journey begins in Manchester taking us first to Medina and then Mecca for a life-changing spiritual journey.

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About Us

Our team of mostly converts understands the importance of preserving one’s individual and cultural identity

Every day in the UK, at least one person converts to Islam. The conversion is usually met with elation from the Muslim community but there is often little done to take care of the complex needs that they may have or at times, a lack of understanding of what those needs are. That’s where we come in.


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Embracing Islam is a beautiful but challenging journey. Every day comes with struggles, however, these difficulties are certainly eased when you have a strong faith and you discover strength in your difficulties. New Beginnings has truly provided me with high-quality and reassuring discussions, where I have been able to increase my knowledge of Islam but moreover, learn more about the beauty and spirituality of being a Muslim.

Abigail, UK

Friendly and informal atmosphere. I enjoy the interactive discussions. As a convert, I needed a space to learn in like this. Thank you so much!


It is hard to sum up in just a few words how amazing New Beginnings is and how much it has changed my life in just 8 weeks… After almost 30 years since I first learned of Islam, due to the kindness and support of the New Beginnings team I took my shahada a week ago and, alhamdulillah, I will never look back.

Monica, Belfast


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