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New Beginnings aims to create welcoming, non-judgemental environments and spaces that nurture a sound and authentic experience of Islam. We strive to meet these needs in a way that truly appreciates a person’s circumstances, whilst understanding the importance of preserving one’s individual and cultural identity.

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Convert Care is a Neglected Duty and We’re Doing Something About It

Every day in the UK, at least one person converts to Islam. The conversion is usually met with elation from the Muslim community but there is often little done to take care of the complex needs that they may have or at times, a lack of understanding of what those needs are. That’s where we come in. With a diverse team, made up mostly of converts from diverse backgrounds, we have the knowledge and experience to offer a holistic package in order to ensure the smooth transition of the convert into the wider Muslim community.

Social Events

Regular social events where converts can network with other converts and share their experiences.


Regular classes and access to sound Islamic scholarship with guidelines for the most appropriate course of study.

Support and well-being

Ongoing encouragement and counselling, if need be, from qualified counsellors.


We offer safe platforms for converts to express themselves, free of criticism and judgements.

Happening Now

1441 Campaign

In respect of the official launch of New Beginnings on the 1st Ramadan 1441 AH (2020 CE), we’re looking for 1,441 donors to donate just £1 per month (less than a box of Pringles!), nothing more, nothing less. Click here to donate!


Lauren’s Story

Finding Peace in the Holy Land is a perfectly timed memoir told with brisk honesty and sharp humour. Sweeping from the suburbs of North London to the olive groves of Palestine, it explores a life of...

Islamic Literacy

The Islamic Literacy Course is a free 10-week online course in order for converts, especially those who are new, to learn the very basic Arabic terms of the prayer and general conversation. Whether...

Khalil’s Story

It is the mid-1970s, Sunday morning, in a comfortable middle-class catholic church in Edgware, halfway through the service, I see a tired, distressed, dirty looking man come up the aisle to the...

Firm Foundations

Firm Foundations is a free 10-week online course in order for converts, especially those who are new, to learn the very fundamental aspects of Islam. Whether you’re a new Muslim or a convert of many...

Claire’s Story

For the last 10 years, Islam has been in my peripheral as I explored what I believed; steadily finding the confidence and conviction to admit I believed in a higher power, in God. I still remember...

Na’eema’s Story

For teenagers growing up in the West today, they see and experience things that many people in the Middle East haven’t even heard of. So at age 14, I thought I knew everything, and with this, I felt...

Zahara’s Story

I took my shahada[1] in September 2010 but my interest in Islam had started about a year before. I always had a connection to God growing up even though neither of my parents followed a religion. I...

Sofia’s Story

I met my fiancé, Muhammad, four years ago while studying at University, we were both on the same course and got to know each other well. At the time I had very few Muslim friends, I was curious...


A very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where I feel comfortable to discuss and ask questions. I love the holistic view of Islam and focus on spirituality. As a new Muslim, it feels like a safe space to open up.

- Sophie, Manchester

Convert socials have been a confidence booster for me and a chance to meet other converts in similar and different situations to myself. It gives us all reassurance that we are loved and there is a community among us all and that we aren’t alone. The things we learn, the people we meet, and even the chats we have, all mean a lot and gives me good reminders and positive things to think about. Always makes me smile 🙂

- Anonymous

Life is a journey punctuated by beautiful people and events, whilst in pursuit of happiness. Faith and a connection to my Creator became a fundamental part of that journey which through a chance encounter led me to “Being Muslim”.

In a warm, open and unjudging environment, the “Being Muslim” classes have given me the opportunity to explore Islam; each time leaving me enlightened and uplifted that I am exactly where I should be. “Being Muslim has become an instrumental part in my journey.

What began as a blessed chance encounter has led to valued friendships with some very special people.

- Claire, Bradford

Friendly and informal atmosphere. I enjoy the interactive discussions. As a convert, I needed a space to learn in like this. Thank you so much!

- Anonymous

Embracing Islam is a beautiful but challenging journey. Every day comes with struggles, however, these difficulties are certainly eased when you have a strong faith and you discover strength in your difficulties. New Beginnings has truly provided me with high-quality and reassuring discussions, where I have been able to increase my knowledge of Islam but moreover, learn more about the beauty and spirituality of being a Muslim.

- Abigail

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