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Conversion can be a lonely and difficult process. We are here to help you and encourage you at every step of the way. Sometimes people need that extra support and our dedicated buddy program has been developed to take care of that need. You can register your interest here and withdraw from the program anytime you wish.

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Wellbeing can be understood as to how people feel and how they function, both on a personal and a social level, and how they evaluate their lives as a whole. It includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, and the ability to manage stress. More generally, wellbeing is just feeling well.


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The New Beginnings’ counselling service is a much-needed service in our revert community. My therapist was extremely knowledgeable and was able to understand my situation within half an hour of my first session.

Like with many reverts my issues were around losing friends and family members due to my conversion. In my sessions, she was very approachable and non-judgmental and I felt able to open up to her about everything I was going through. Since finishing my therapy with her, my friends and family have noticed a big change in me. I am able to understand my emotions and manage them in a better way and I feel a lot stronger and happier. I would highly recommend this service to anyone going through a difficult time whatever it may be.

Marie, UK

Wow! If I ever have enough money, I’m coming back to you! We only speak online and not in the room, you are on the spot.


It is hard to sum up in just a few words how amazing New Beginnings is and how much it has changed my life in just 8 weeks… After almost 30 years since I first learned of Islam, due to the kindness and support of the New Beginnings team I took my shahada a week ago and, alhamdulillah, I will never look back.

Monica, Belfast

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