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Zakah for Reconciling Hearts

Zakah for Reconciling Hearts

Zakah is an obligatory financial act of worship and one of the five pillars or foundations of Islam. The eight categories who are eligible recipients of zakat are restricted and defined by canonical religious texts. In this article, we will discuss the limitations and restrictions around distributing zakat to converts under the purview of the category of “reconciling hearts”…

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Before I Found You

Ya Allah, before I found you I was broken and lost Before I found you
My purpose was at a cost You see, my life was full of hardships…

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Not Ready

Islam, you keep pulling me in
Allah is pulling me closer

And how will I navigate through
The waters of islamophobia

How would I live in a majority non-Muslim Country and thrive as a convert

So many worries but also,
So much comfort as my path begins to unfold

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Converts, Reverts, or New Muslims?

Converts, Reverts, or New Muslims?

“So, your father tells me you’ve converted to Islam?” said James’s mother. “Actually, it’s reverted, mum, reverted.” James pedantically replied. It may seem a trivial issue...

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What’s My Name?

What’s My Name?

“What’s my name?” Shouted Muhammad Ali as he delivered a powerful and swift left-right combination to an already hurt and demoralised Ernie Terrell. “What’s my name?” he...

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becoming a

Once you believe that Islam and the Quran
are the truth, the only step is to declare
that belief by stating, “I bear witness that
there is none worthy of worship except
Allah and that Muhammad is the
Messenger of Allah.” This is called the
“Testification of Faith (shahadah)”…

certificate of
conversion (shahadah)

This will be issued only to those people who
take their shahadah and convert with us. Proof
of identity and address will be required as well
as a signature. If you cannot be present to
provide a signature, then we can post the
certificate to you…

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