New Beginnings aims to create welcoming, non-judgemental environments and spaces, online and in-person, that nurture a sound and authentic experience of Islam for those that are either converts to Islam, including their families, or interested in converting.

Embracing Islam is a beautiful but challenging journey. Every day comes with struggles, however, these difficulties are certainly eased when you have a strong faith and you discover strength in your difficulties. New Beginnings has truly provided me with high-quality and reassuring discussions, where I have been able to increase my knowledge of Islam but moreover, learn more about the beauty and spirituality of being a Muslim.

Abigail, UK

Friendly and informal atmosphere. I enjoy the interactive discussions. As a convert, I needed a space to learn in like this. Thank you so much!


It is hard to sum up in just a few words how amazing New Beginnings is and how much it has changed my life in just 8 weeks… After almost 30 years since I first learned of Islam, due to the kindness and support of the New Beginnings team I took my shahada a week ago and, alhamdulillah, I will never look back.

Monica, Belfast

Just want to say a massive thank you to New Beginnings, the day before Eid, I cried because I had no one to spend it with and then because of you guys I ended up having a lovely day and managed to go to my first Eid Prayer which was certainly an experience. Last night’s online party was the perfect ending to Ramadan. 💕 May Allah reward you all for the work you do, what you do is so much more than just teaching! You make me want to be a better person, a better Muslim and insha’Allah one day I want to help do what you do. ❤️


A very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where I feel comfortable to discuss and ask questions. I love the holistic view of Islam and focus on spirituality. As a new Muslim, it feels like a safe space to open up.

Sophie, Manchester

Just want to say to EVERYONE at new beginnings the founders, organisers, teachers, guests and the converts/students.. thank you so much for all of the hard work, everything you all do and just for being you! I am a part of a few different convert organisations and this is by far the best and where I feel most at home😊 thank you for everything, to everyone.

Natalie, Liverpool

I took my shahadah in November 2021, so just a couple of months ago and New Beginnings have been really supportive to me throughout the process. I’d been looking online becoming more interested in Islam but decided that I wanted to do some more concrete learning from somewhere that I could trust, then I found the Firm Foundations Level One program and then after a few months of doing that, the amount that I’ve learnt in such a short amount of time is amazing.

Anna, Wigan

I have been taking the Firm Foundations classes. I have fallen deeply in love with Islam and I believe I am ready to finally convert!


I feel blessed to have found this course. The depth and breadth of the topics covered are second to none and all of the classes are led by inspiring and approachable teachers. My knowledge and understanding of the religion have grown so much in a short space of time and I really feel part of a community where I am valued and supported. I’m excited to continue my journey with the help of New Beginnings and this wonderful course.

Laura, London

Especially in a time when we are exposed to a flood of information, a place where we can find advice and support on a trustworthy basis is immensely important. At New Beginnings I found exactly that. Asking my seemingly endless questions and receiving competent answers. Not only the knowledge conveyed but also the community during the courses gave me the peace and security I so desperately needed during my journey to Islam. Best thanks to the whole team for their admirable commitment. I already registered for my next classes.

Marlene, Austria

I discovered New Beginnings through a web search when I became interested in learning more about Islam and trying to decide if converting was the right choice for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course so far. Our teachers are genuinely passionate about providing a foundation to Islam that everyone can understand and there really is no judgement here. I haven’t felt any pressure to attend every class live – the course really can work around life’s other commitments.


The way these classes have been carefully planned and executed is to be admired and respected.
With each class and the feedback given, it is definitely taken on board and used to make future resources and classes even more educational and detailed.

No question is too embarrassing to ask, and each answer is given as accurately as possible and in a way that’s very easily understood, still stuck? Not a problem, the Telegram room is there for a more direct approach to questions and discussions and for getting to know other reverts who are also at the same knowledgeable level.

Hayley, UK

My mum sat down at the table and said ‘oh my gosh, there are so many white Muslims’. She couldn’t believe so many British people had chosen to convert to Islam. I think today really broke that stereotype for her.

Anonymous, UK

As a convert, finding the right support is crucial to the journey, but new beginnings make the transition smooth and easy. With various services provided to help, from shahada package with essential guides and equipment, to counselling, to learning your prayers, to learning about spirituality and God, learning about the Prophet (PBUH) and other pillars of Islam.
It’s a lovely group to be a part of and feeling supported. May Allah continue to bless them in whatever they do.

Rahima, Brighton

An organisation run by beautiful people who become your family. Can’t recommend them enough, absolute wealth of information and resources, and the support and genuine care they provide is incomparable. Truly amazing ❤️

Samantha, Australia

Such an amazing organisation, who made me feel warm and welcome from the second I arrived. They’re helpful, extremely knowledgeable, not judgemental, and incredibly supportive.

Stephanie, Manchester

The only problem with this organisation is that it wasn’t available in the early years of my conversion to Islam, it has been a real personal struggle for me learning about Islam with no real convert support. Subhaan’Allah such an organisation is available now and I’ve found it, it’s helping me so much to learn about true Islam, from Quran and Sunnah and not mixing information or practices from cultural perspectives. No matter how long a person has been Muslim, it never hurts to sometimes go back to basics and relearn a few things. With everything New Beginnings provides for those new or interested in learning more about Islam, from free 10-week online courses, to Eid parties, gatherings and fundraisers to get to know other converts, WhatsApp groups for direct questions and support and much more, I have to admit it’s very comforting to know that no matter what stage you’re at with your knowledge and deen, you’re not alone.

Hayley, Oldham

Great organisation with great people; they were clear in guidance for my recently converted to Islam wife.

She have received a wonderful gift package that was adequately presented which included an English version of the Quran and other good books. Bilal and Rumela were wonderful and helpful towards my wife. I would recommend any person who is interested in Islam to contact them.

Muhammad, UK


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