Is it not by the remembrance of Allah that hearts find comfort?”

Al-Quran (13:28)

Abu Hurayrah reported that The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said:

Indeed, Allah Almighty has itinerant angels who have no other work but to follow gatherings of remembrance. When they find such gatherings in which there is remembrance, they sit with them and some of them surround the others with their wings until the space between them and the heavens is covered. When they disperse, they ascend to the heavens and Allah Almighty asks them (although He is best informed about them), “Where have you come from?” They say, “We came from Your servants on Earth who were glorifying You, declaring Your greatness and oneness, praising You and asking from You.” Allah says, “What do they ask from Me?” They say, “They ask for Your Heaven.” Allah says, “Have they seen My Heaven?” They say, “No.” Allah says, “And what if they were to see My Heaven?” They say, “They seek Your protection.” Allah says, “What do they seek My protection from?” They say, “From Your Hellfire, our Lord.” Allah says, “Have they seen My Hellfire?” They say, “No.” Allah says, “What if they were to see My Hellfire?” They say, “They ask for Your forgiveness.” Allah says, “I will pardon them, give them what they request, and grant them protection.” They say, “Our Lord, there is one among them, a simple servant who happened to pass by and sit there alongside them.” Allah says, “I will also grant him pardon, for whoever sits with these people will not be wretched.”

Al-Bukhari (6045), Muslim (2689)

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