Firm Foundations is a free 10-week online course in order for converts, especially those who are new, or people exploring Islam for the first time, to learn the very fundamental aspects of Islam.

Whether you’re researching into Islam, newly converted or a convert of many years, New Beginnings is delighted to present to you the opportunity to make your foundations firm. By learning the basics in three essential aspects of Islam (prayer, belief, & spirituality) you can continue your journey in Islam and leave feeling confident about your faith.

Classes are taught in a welcoming environment so you can learn and grow without judgement or pressure. Classes are conducted via Zoom every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7PM UK-time. You can choose which topic you would like to attend or attend all of them.

We encourage you to register for the course, regardless of your schedule, and then you will have access to the recordings if you can’t attend the live sessions.

If you have any questions or require further information please don’t hesitate to ask. We are always here to help.

📆 The first session, which is an introductory orientation session, begins on Thursday 28th December 2023, insha’Allah. Click here to register.


A fantastic insight into learning the three basic principles of Islam (prayer, belief and spirituality). The classes were set in a relaxed manner, each being very informative. The teachers were knowledgeable, friendly and had an open and non-judgemental interaction with the students. I would recommend these classes to all Muslim converts regardless of what level of Islamic knowledge one already acquires.

M Shan, Leeds

I can’t believe how quickly the course has gone by, but I have enjoyed all the classes I have attended. There are no silly questions and no judgement, all the teachers are great, and it’s just a really lovely place to learn! There is a real mix of people attending, from the UK to Australia, but it is amazing how everyone comes together to learn, regardless of what stage they are at in their journey. I have loved the Firm Foundations Level 1 course and look forward to doing the Level 2 course InshAllah.


I feel blessed to have found this course. The depth and breadth of the topics covered are second to none and all of the classes are led by inspiring and approachable teachers. My knowledge and understanding of the religion have grown so much in a short space of time and I really feel part of a community where I am valued and supported. I’m excited to continue my journey with the help of New Beginnings and this wonderful course.

Laura, London

I have absolutely loved taking part in Firm Foundations level one. Before joining the course, my only route of learning was through searching questions on YouTube, however, there was no structure to my learning and no way to track my progress. When I began Firm Foundations, I finally felt like I was being shown a step by step guide of how to understand the basics of Islam and even learn Arabic.

Amber, London

The course has been an amazing opportunity to learn new things, as well as correcting misinformation that I’ve picked up from various places. In addition, there is a chat group on Telegram where all of the participants of the course can talk and share experiences as well as asking the course facilitators questions and having them answered.

I am so grateful to have found this amazing course. As well as the material we cover, all of the facilitators so clearly love and understand what they are teaching us and want to help us on our journeys. May Allah reward them all immensely.

Brodie , London

I discovered New Beginnings through a web search when I became interested in learning more about Islam and trying to decide if converting was the right choice for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course so far. Our teachers are genuinely passionate about providing a foundation to Islam that everyone can understand and there really is no judgement here. I haven’t felt any pressure to attend every class live – the course really can work around life’s other commitments.


Especially in a time when we are exposed to a flood of information, a place where we can find advice and support on a trustworthy basis is immensely important. At New Beginnings I found exactly that. Asking my seemingly endless questions and receiving competent answers. Not only the knowledge conveyed but also the community during the courses gave me the peace and security I so desperately needed during my journey to Islam. Best thanks to the whole team for their admirable commitment. I already registered for my next classes.

Marlene, Austria

Each session so far has contained a wealth of understanding and depth of knowledge of the subject matter. It has been presented clearly and in a concise, timely manner by Sheikh Bilal Brown, Rumela, and Imran, so far. The spiritual sessions have been profound and delivered so patiently and humbly by Imran Rahim. In five weeks, we have been exposed to life’s fundamentals in a way that is engaging, easy to understand and inspirational. Everyone in the class is so kind. They are such a pleasure to hear when they have a question. Their voices contain such beauty and compassion.

Garry, Australia

Considering I knew absolutely nothing 8 weeks ago you can take all the credit. Thank you so much for all your help I feel like the Islamic Literacy class has really helped me find a deeper connection in prayer, I think everyone at New Beginnings is amazing. Whenever I tell people about the course I’m doing and they ask how much it costs they are so surprised it’s free. It’s truly a blessing that it’s accessible to all converts.

Anna, Leeds

Thank you so much for bringing me closer to God and improving my knowledge of Islam. It opened my eyes to both minor and major things that I was unaware of even though I have many Muslim friends. A brilliant course and I hope I can do level 2 and my shahada soon.

Andrew, UK

The way these classes have been carefully planned and executed is to be admired and respected.
With each class and the feedback given, it is definitely taken on board and used to make future resources and classes even more educational and detailed.

No question is too embarrassing to ask, and each answer is given as accurately as possible and in a way that’s very easily understood, still stuck? Not a problem, the Telegram room is there for a more direct approach to questions and discussions and for getting to know other converts who are also at the same knowledgeable level.

Hayley, UK

I have continued my studies and every day am falling in love with Islam more and more.
What you have set up is amazing and I wish I could do more on my journey to converting.
I understand too that this is an ongoing journey.

David, UK

Salam alaikum everyone! I would like to share that yesterday I took my shahada and converted to Islam ☺️. And want to thank the New Beginnings team for the course and guidance, it definitely played a big role in making this decision!

Student, UK

My motivation to assist on the New Beginnings course was to support my friend who is on the path of conversion to Islam as well as to learn about the religion from a source that is reliable and as neutral as possible.

I am glad to say that the course offers a very good insight into the basics of the Islam religion, not in a way that feels forceful, judgemental or anything or the sort; rather the teachers encourage you to ask questions, which is something I appreciate a lot, as well as the answers to the questions, that are more based on logical reasoning (as much as that is possible in the field of religion) than on blind faith.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about Islam in such a welcoming and lovely environment!

Bianca, Germany

 It’s very handy to have the recordings – not quite the same as actual attendance but as a busy parent it is the next best thing.

Student, UK

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