A 3-part course, for converts, new or old, and those exploring Islam. The course details the correct method of paying one’s zakah and its spiritual dimensions.

What is Zakah (almsgiving)?
Why is Zakah important?
How do I know if I am eligible to pay or receive it?
How do I calculate it and when do I pay it?
What is the reward of giving Zakah?

Classes are taught in a welcoming environment so you can learn and grow without judgement or pressure. Classes will be conducted via Zoom every Monday at 8.30PM UK-time on the 2nd, 9th and 16th of October 2023. 

Registration closes on 1st October.

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It was so helpful and really interesting, even though it challenged my math skills 😂 Jazak Allah Khair

Eva, Manchester

This has really helped me, I was quite scared about working it out but now I feel confident.


I feel blessed to have found this course. The depth and breadth of the topics covered are second to none and all of the classes are led by inspiring and approachable teachers. My knowledge and understanding of the religion have grown so much in a short space of time and I really feel part of a community where I am valued and supported. I’m excited to continue my journey with the help of New Beginnings and this wonderful course.

Laura, London

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