“Oh you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may develop God-consciousness”

You don’t have to be alone this Ramadan.

New Beginnings are pleased to present this daily programme of activities specifically for converts and people new to Islam. (All timings according to UK times).

– Daily readings of the Quran in English at 12pm.

– Daily invocations and supplications at 8pm.

– The 4 Distractions with Bilal Brown every Thursday at 9pm.

– The Mother of the Book with Imran Rahim every Tuesday at 9pm.

– Tales from the Quran with Bano Murtuja on Friday 15th and 29th of March at 9pm.

– Healing Through the Quran with Sameer Mohammad on Sunday 17th and 24th March at 1pm.

– Intentional Living with Soumaya Ettouji  on Saturday 16th March at 3pm.

– Opening What’s Closed with Mohib Rashid on Saturday 23rd March at 11am.

– Finding the Light in the Darkness with Dr. Mazen Attasi on Saturday 30th March at 9pm.

– How to Ask Allah with Jubril Alao on Saturday 23rd March at 3pm.

– Weekly giveaways on Instagram.

– In-person Eid Party on 13th April in Manchester.

– Online Eid gathering on 11th April.

Click here to join, no registration is required